Send that snow back where it came from

This past weekend left Jamestown with a ton of snow on the ground, and that means an army of various snowblowers went to work cleaning it up. This morning, this lovely piece of machinery was at work in front of The Jamestown Sun when I arrived for my shift:

If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same machine I videotaped last year a block south of here:

But it’s not the biggest snowblower in the world, according to YouTube. Here are a few more videos of interesting snowblowers.

First is a walk-behind snowblower that is powered by a V8 engine.

Then we have a snowblower that is about a size bigger than Jamestown’s (That is, the first one featured in this video. The second is even more huge).

But they can get even bigger than that. Note that this next one is being used at Wiest Truck Line, a Jamestown business.

Those were the biggest I’ve found so far. If you’ve got something even more awe-inspiring, e-mail it to me at

On a semi-related note, this driver honked his horn and waved at me while I was taking pictures this morning, so he gets his photo on here too.

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