Steiner’s photo gets noticed

Sun Photographer John M. Steiner is well known in this community for his work, but some of his pictures from this past winter has gotten quite a bit of attention world-wide.

His photos of Max the Chesapeake Bay retriever jumping into the snow stream thrown up by a snowblower has been printed in many newspapers, including the Boston Globe, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Daytona Beach News-Journal. Now it’s been included in’s slideshow of the "Year in Pictures" and readers can vote for what they consider to be the photo of the year. Here’s a screenshot of the page.

The slideshow, which I will warn you contains some graphic images, can be found here. Steiner’s photo can be found about two-thirds through the news slideshow. Please note the Vote option on the center-left side of the slideshow, where you can vote for Steiner’s picture to be named top image of the year. Please remember that it will only let you vote once.

I should also note that Steiner’s photo was not the only one from this area to be included in the series. Just before Steiner’s photo is this shot from Eric Hylden of the Grand Forks Herald.

The results of the poll are expected to be announced Dec. 31 on the TODAY show.

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