Life is tough on Tiger

It’s a rare thing these days for Saturday Night Live to be truly funny, so I feel I have to let you all know about this great spoof of the Tiger Woods scandal that everyone seems to be so interested in. I personally know far more than I want to about Woods’ personal life, but the video is a laugh none the less.

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2 Responses to Life is tough on Tiger

  1. Joel says:

    You know, thinking that SNL was funny back in the day but not anymore seems to be a sign of getting older. I’ve noticed so many people that think SNL was funnier back then. Of course, “back then” might be the 70s 80s, 90s, etc., but it seems to usually coincide with when the person was college age. Then as they approach 30, SNL is not as funny. Strange phenomenon.

  2. Logan C. Adams says:

    No, I mean the first 5 years or so. I’ve watched those episodes, and the modern stuff just doesn’t compare, except for the cast circa 2000 or so.