Google’s checking out our backyards

I was checking out Google Maps today to see if they’ve added new imagery of Jamestown. They did, but not the Street View images I was expecting.

Google knows where our alleys are.

(The Sun is actually half a block west of where Google thinks we are)

In the above image, you see The Sun’s neighborhood (Click here to access in Google Maps) Notice the alleys that cut our block into three pieces — two quarter blocks and one long half-block?

This raises the interesting question of whether Google will start posting pictures from trips down people’s back alleys, and the answer seems to be yes. Here’s a look at a neighborhood in my hometown near where I went to junior high school:


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It didn’t really bother me that Google was collecting imagery of our towns from public streets and taking pictures of the fronts of our homes — which we already expect the public to see. The backs of our homes, however, have a bit more privacy. They’re something that’s only seen by people who drive in our alleys, who normally are just our neighbors, family and friends.

I doubt there’s anything illegal about Google’s work, but it’s started to unnerve me. For the time being, I recommend we all start cleaning up our backyards, fast.

But, seeing as how I saw the Google Street View car here not too long ago, it might already be too late.

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One Response to Google’s checking out our backyards

  1. Karin says:

    I’m a little disappointed with the inaccurate placement of businesses with the google maps. We were in Bismarck yesterday for an appointment. I used the google map to find the clinic and it was shown a block away from it’s actual location. Now Bismarck isn’t too large but to be a block off in a big city where you don’t know the area could be a big PIA.