Notes on booze

That bald-headed blur on the right is Jim Lester, who is a fine beermaker in his own right.

Cork and Barrel had a fantastic open house Wednesday night for customers to try some new wines and beers. Here are some drinks I found noteworthy:

Mike’s Hard Spiced Apple
This was simply delicious. Morgan and I bought a six-pack and wound up trying it warm at home with a little cinnamon.

Barefoot Moscato Spumante Sparkling
Normally, I hate champagne, but this was good. I’ll have to get some for New Years.

McManis Pinot Noir
I know very little about wine, and most of what I do know came from movies about wine (Sideways and Bottle Shock). I got curious about pinot noir after watching Sideways and started trying it. McManis makes a fine batch of this stuff and Morgan and I had to get ourselves a bottle.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA
Don’t eat yellow snow. This IPA, however, is rather drinkable and has a funny name to boot.

Bud Light Wheat
I had really expected Budweiser to totally screw this drink up, but it was really worth a try. I’ll have to remember it next time I’m at a bar.

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