Good dog: Lucky

We had a great success last week when I wrote about a dog my mom was looking to give away. Let’s try again to see if we can get a home for another great dog.

Meet Lucky.

He’s a cute dog who’s recovering from an act of disturbing cruelty. Sally Jeppson and Deane Fay of Gackle, N.D., are fostering him and are looking for a permanent home and family to care for him.

Here’s what Sally sent me by e-mail:

Lucky is a miracle dog that needs a home!

He was found, frightened and injured at our rural Gackle, N.D., farmstead on Nov 1. After the veterinarian’s assessment it was clear that the dog was shot in the face at close range with a shotgun. An unbelievable will to live and divine luck allowed this dog to survive. The shooting probably occurred about three or four weeks ago. Despite this horrible experience, Lucky maintains a great attitude. He is gentle and lovable.

Efforts are underway to find the owners of this dog. Law enforcement and the Humane Society have been notified and an article appeared in the Tri-County news, but no owner has come forward.

The dog is recovering wonderfully from his injuries. It looks like he will lose sight in one eye but the vet says even this may get better. Amazingly he looks fairly normal and isn’t disfigured in any way.

Lucky is a young (about 7 to 9 months) male black Labrador retriever. His body is the short, stocky type. He is learning quickly; he sits and will go on a leash. He readily does his “business” when taken for a walk or let out into the yard.

He gets along great with our large dog and even the cats. Lucky also didn’t bother our horses. He comes when called and when walking without a leash he stays nearby. He would be a great companion and loves attention. He loves to sleep upside down and likes his belly rubbed. He is a very happy-go-lucky fellow. He seems like the type of dog who will bond deeply with his owner. He does not bark.

As of Nov. 19, Lucky will have all his vaccinations and will be neutered. He should go to a loving family or person who will spend lots of time with him. He should probably have a fenced yard to keep him safe.

If you recognize this dog or are interested in adopting him, please call us at 701-485-3454 or call Southwood Veterinary Clinic at 701-252-3430.

If you don’t want Lucky but would like to assist with his care, please send contributions to Southwood Veterinary Clinic: Debra Trnovec DVM, 833 18th St. S.W., Jamestown, ND 58401. Any small contribution would be most appreciated.

I should add that Deane Fay told me that he’s done a bit of training with Lucky and he said the little lab is really good at learning commands and behaves very well. He gets along well with people and animals and sounds like an absolute sweetheart.

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5 Responses to Good dog: Lucky

  1. J. Barnard says:

    That makes me so sad and so very angry! Thanks for posting this Logan, in the hope to find a “forever home” for Lucky…Looks like a great dog and somebody would be “lucky” to have Lucky! :)

  2. Karin says:

    My hubby and I would be interested in adopting him, but it will have to be after the holidays. It’s just too busy to spend the needed time to provide a new dog with the care and attention he’ll need. So if he he still waiting Jan. 2nd we will bring our springer spaniel to meet him. Is Lucky a barker? Because mine is, has to wear a bark collar and I am hoping to get a dog who is on the quiet side.

  3. Sally Jeppson - Lucky's Foster Mom says:

    This is a reply to Karin. Thanks for your interest in Lucky. We hope he has a home before January but we will keep you posted. Lucky doesn’t bark unless he is left alone (but with people nearby) – like in the kennel at the vet. He hasn’t barked in our house so far as long as the other pets are nearby.

    The vets think he might be a lab mix, perhaps with a bit of “hound” and may stay a shorter – medium size dog.

    His eye is really improving – he may yet get his sight back in the eye.

  4. Karin says:

    Sally: Well, I would like to see him get a family as soon as possible but I have my fingers crossed that he will still be available for my family. Thanks for keeping me posted!

  5. Sally Jeppson - Lucky's foster mom. says:

    Hello Everyone! HAPPY ENDING! Thanks for all your “well-wishes” for Lucky. He found a great home with a young family, the Johnsons who live on a farm near Casselton. Looks like he will have, lots and lots of loving coming to him! Sorry to those of you who were also interested in taking the dog but it was best for him to get a stable, permanent home right away, one more day and I would have kept him myself (there were lots of tears!). Hopefully Logan will receive some pictures from the Johnsons and we can all see how happy Lucky is in his new home.