The teeth are better

I went to Dr. Noffze’s office first thing this morning to have my mouth looked at. He determined I had a minor infection, did a quick irrigation of the site of my former wisdom tooth and perscribed some antibiotics.

Noffze said the strange numbness I still feel in my lower jaw is a nerve that got irritated during the original extractions and it will be another week or two until it gets back to normal. Also, I don’t have a dry socket and am unlikely to get one, so I got that going for me.

Two additional thoughts:

  1. Noffze didn’t charge me for the second visit, so kudos to him for that.
  2. The irrigation involved some hydrogen peroxide being flushed into the place where my tooth used to be, and some spitting. I feel so rude for having spat up the liquid in front of Noffze’s assistant, Lesley, but bless her heart, she wasn’t even phased.
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