Why I support net neutrality

Gizmodo has a great post about what will happen if Telecom companies are allowed to get their way with net neutrality. True, it’s a worst-case scenario, but is it really that far fetched?

To be clear: Jamestown is relatively spoiled by its TV providers, Cable Services Inc. and Dakota Central Telecommunications. They may have their flaws, but compared to Comcast or Cox Communications (the spawn-of-the-devil cable company where I used to live) these two companies treat Jamestown very well.

BUT: Do you really want your Internet provider to be able to decide which content comes to you more quickly? Do you want them to charge Web sites money to get priority over other Web sites? Do you want them to be able to kneecap my blog’s bandwidth (again, Cox Communications can rot in hell) because I criticize them?

I don’t.

Support net neutrality. Please.

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