I don’t believe this

Originally posted at 2:19 p.m.: I’m watching a live video feed of a silver balloon floating across Colorado with a six-year-old boy in it and I just can’t see how this day could be any more surreal. It must be really cold up there and I have no idea how they could possibly rescue that boy. And boy is it moving fast.

This link should take you to the video feed.

UPDATE: The balloon landed. The boy’s fate is unknown.

SECOND UPDATE (3 p.m.): The boy was not in the balloon when it landed, news sources are reporting. This means one of two likely possibilities: He never was in the balloon (let’s hope so) or he fell out (the balloon was spinning pretty fast).

THIRD UPDATE (5:21 p.m.): He’s alive. They found him hiding in his attic. Now it is safe to make fun of the whole affair.

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