Small world

Five years ago this coming spring, I worked as an intern for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire in Washington, D.C. I covered the inauguration, the 2005 State of the Union and plenty of other fun events.

While we were there, there was this one reporter there who covered news for The Rocky Mountain News. His name was M.E. Sprengelmeyer, and he was definitely one of the more fun people to talk to. I remember him giving me some pointers while I was covering a meeting between some U.S. lawmakers and the Japanese ambassador (an event that led to my Godzilla story, which I will only tell in person). I only remembered him by his first two initials, though, because his last name was too blasted tough to get right.

Anyway, the Rocky went under earlier this year, and it turns out M.E. lost his job because there was no paper to produce news for anymore. I hadn’t thought of him, though, until today, when I noticed a story on The New York Times’ Web site titled "A Castoff Reporter Buys His Own Newspaper."

It turns out M.E. has found a new life in Arizona as the owner of a weekly paper in a town of 2,600. I’m really glad to see he landed on his feet and found a way to prosper. Perhaps I’ll have to give him a call.

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