Rat reports

According to scanner reports and an anecdote from a coworker that there have been rats sighted in Jamestown recently. Now, these animals could very well be muskrats, woodchucks or beavers — as a member of the police pointed out over the scanner — but it’s also possible Jamestown has some real, live rats moving into town.

If you have had any personal sightings of these beasts, please share in the comments sections. If you’ve got photos to back it up, share them with me at ladams@jamestownsun.com.

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2 Responses to Rat reports

  1. Karin says:

    Last fall I saw a huge dead rat in the middle of main street when I was on my way to work. And I had one in my shed 4 years ago that my dog chased. It hissed at her and reared up. Don’t have any pics though.

  2. Babbi Sizer says:

    My husband Mike and I and our friend Mike Johnson saw what appeared to be a very large rat around midnight on 9-25-09. I googled pictures of muskrats, wookchucks and beavers and it could possibly have been a muskrat but I rather doubt it in the middle of town. Anyhoo, we were standing outside of the Buffalo City Grille and started to walk north to our vehicle when we saw the large dark “beast” crossing main street from east to west right by the railroad tracks. I actually thought it was a cat at first but Mike said “No, it’s a rat! Look at it’s tail!” And sure enough, the tail was long and skinny and down on the ground, just like a rat. It was dark and foggy out and the rat made it real creepy! Two young men were walking south across the tracks when they spied the rat and starting chasing it (poor thing) but it was hilarious! It finally disappeared on the south side of Babs, maybe down the stairwell??! Yuck!!