A good blog about a wild dog

Meet Dusty, also known as "Double D," a vizsla whose owners blog at "Double D."

I’ve been watching this blog for the past couple of weeks and it’s very enjoyable. I don’t know much about the people who post on the blog, "Nic" and "nev," but they write rather well and I often crack a smile or a few chuckles when reading their posts about this wild little dog.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post:

Also, Dusty is a water dog. Not in the sense that he likes to swim (which he should by nature of the breed). Oh no, if you get him near a body of water he stands at the edge and looks at you as if to say "well buddy, you first." Only after your shoes and socks are off, your pants are rolled up and you’re up to your knees will he follow you in. Only to the chest though. Once that hits the top of the water, it’s game over. Dusty’s had enough, it’s time to go home.

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