I can’t handle the toof

I went to the dentist this morning and had my wisdom teeth looked at. I have two, both on the left side of my mouth, top and bottom. The top one is mostly erupted and jutting out into my left cheek, and the bottom one is pretty much stuck, according to my dentist.

I’m expecting a call later today from the oral surgeon’s office about getting these irritations removed from my maw.

The good news is that these teeth haven’t been hurting me as much today. I haven’t even had to use the benzocaine since last night.

Update: I was expecting a call from an oral surgeon’s office so I prepared myself for a serious, important conversation when an unfamiliar number popped up on my cell phone. Instead, it was a young child who let out a high-pitched "Hi?" when I answered. Poor kid got a wrong number.

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One Response to I can’t handle the toof

  1. Steph says:

    I’m not sure which oral surgeon you’re looking at, but consider Dr. Irvani at the ND Oral Surgery Center in Bismarck. She is awesome!! (and far cheaper than the surgeon I talked to here in Dickinson)