So I was rather sore this weekend.

First, on Thursday night I had my first weightlifting session at my gym. It was the first real exercise my arms have gotten in a long time because up until recently I was under doctor’s orders not to do any serious lifting because of the repetitive-stress injuries in my wrists and shoulders. Those injuries have finally healed enough to allow me to start working out, but boy was I surprised to find out how out of shape I had become.

When I reached up to get my bag down off the lockers after my workout, I found my arm simply wouldn’t go higher than my neck. My hand just flapped helplessly by my ear while I tried to lift it higher.

And yes, I was thoroughly sore for days after. Clearly, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Second, my wisdom teeth are really bothering me. I have one that is pointing outward and rubbing against my cheek that simply has to go. On Friday, I started applying clove oil to numb the pain, which made me walk around smelling like potpourri. Then, on Sunday, I switched over to benzocaine, (bought over the counter as Anbesol), which works a lot better.

I have a dentist’s appointment in the morning. These spare molars cannot go soon enough.

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3 Responses to Ouch

  1. shiny says:

    I kept my wisdom teeth. I store them with all my other teeth–attached to my jaw.

    Have you considered starting out with swimming instead? It’s a little less intense and then once you build up some arm muscles the weightlifting will be an excellent augmentation to the swimming.

  2. Karin says:

    Get rid of those wisdom teeth. They will continue to give you nothing but trouble. I took my daughter to Face and Jaw in Bismarck to get all 4 of hers out. They did a fine job and the staff are excellent.(they have payment plans too, which helps with the $1600 cost)

  3. Chief Sleepy Eye says:

    Hey for $1600, I’ve got a pair of pliers and a couple of bottles of Mezcal….