Jamestown residents with Kennedy

Kevin Urdahl, a former Jamestown resident (Jamestown High School class of 1983), sent me this picture of his grandparents with Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died last week.

Pictured, from left, is Winona Urdahl (Kevin’s grandmother), Kennedy, Sen. Quentin Burdick, D-N.D., and Ken Urdahl Sr. (Kevin’s grandfather). The pictured was taken at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Ken Urdahl Sr. was a North Dakota state senator and a delegate to the now-infamous convention.

Kevin told me this about his grandparents:

My grandparents moved to Jamestown in ~1949 and lived in Jamestown until their deaths, my grandpa in 1982, and my grandma in 2002. My grandpa was a very active leader in the community, and also at Trinity Lutheran Church. He served as a state senator and as a member of the City Council. Among his many contributions to Jamestown, he led the drive to create the Gardenette for low-cost housing for seniors in Jamestown. My grandparents built the Jamestown Motel, and operated this motel until they sold it in the early ‘70s.

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