From Ohio to Glenfield

The Washington Post has this interesting story about a woman who moved from Ohio to Glenfield, N.D., for a job in Bismarck. However, I could do without the crappy attitude the writer has in places, such as:

A few locals saw Morgan’s unfamiliar truck and assumed she had lost her way en route to the local tourist attraction, a fenced-in albino buffalo a few miles down the road.

There are many places where it sounds like the author did this story because he lost a bet and is all whiny about it, or maybe he just can’t seem to stand the idea that people can survive without having a Best Buy within 30 miles.

Also, I noticed a photo from the gallery was taken in Jamestown at the Wal-Mart Supercenter here, and another was at Carrington.

Anyway, I hope Janet Morgan finds the same peace and contentment I’ve found here in North Dakota. It might help, though, if she’d found a place to live that wasn’t 150 miles away from Bismarck.

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One Response to From Ohio to Glenfield

  1. Afterlight says:

    She had actually called me in regards to my home that is for sale in Medina.

    She mentioned that she was going to look at a place in Glenfield.

    It’s good to hear that she is settled in and seems to be doing good.