Joke contest

Take a look at Sun Reporter/Blogger Keith Norman’s picture here of some cattle that got out of their pasture. Look closely at the cow in the foreground, and count its legs.

Now who can come up with the best joke to explain this phenomenon?

The winner gets a Jamestown Sun hat, which must be claimed in person.

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3 Responses to Joke contest

  1. honeybee says:


  2. shiny says:

    I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

    Hello my baby hello my darlin’ hello my ragtime gal…

    The field trip to the nuclear plant had been ill-advised.

    Sadly, Macpherson’s scheme for eight-legged cows failed to pay the dividends that his eight-legged turkeys had reaped.

    People mocked Arbuthnot for months over his pathetically low-budget film, “Nuclear Cow Monsters from Outer Space.” But as it turned out, the joke was on them…

  3. Anna says:

    Minnesota has its five legged frogs, North Dakota trumps Minnesota with eight legged cows. Eek!