Maple River Winery

I got this press release earlier this week for Maple River Winery in Casselton, N.D. It won’t be in the paper because it’s outside our readership area, but I’m curious about the place. If you’ve ever tried their products, let me know in the comments section about how it went.

I’m planning on making a trip to Fargo Saturday and might make a stop to see how their wine tastes.

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3 Responses to Maple River Winery

  1. honeybee77 says:

    They do fruit wine. A little sweet for my taste. I think it would be worth a stop though. Never hurts to taste a little wine. There is another winery near there, in Buffalo, ND called Red Trail Vineyard. We hope to check it out in Aug.

  2. friedchicken says:

    Buffalo, Red Trail Vineyard is a great place to go! Casselton guy is a little shady, and his wine isn’t the best.

  3. Chuck D says:

    I have tried several of the Maple River Wines. I was pretty excited about finding a local winery, but they were all to sweet or fruity for me as well.
    We have been meaning to check out Red Trail Vineyard one of these days.