Candles for Michael Jackson and Iran

I just received a semi-anonymous phone call from a woman who said her driveway at 1605 17th Ave. S.W. in Jamestown will be lit up with candles at 9 p.m. tonight in honor of Michael Jackson. I doubt I’ll be able to go see it, let alone send someone, so if anyone goes to see it, e-mail me a photo, please.

Update: I just got a call back from the candle lighters. Their names are Maria Rokne and Kristi Skinner, of Jamestown, and they’re lighting 50 candles not only for Michael Jackson but also for the protesters in Iran. They will be wearing green as well, in solidarity with the protestors.

If anyone is wondering why I am posting this, it’s simply because they asked nicely for some coverage. On this blog, asking nicely is often all that is required.

Another update: They called me a third time to request that I send someone to get a picture of their display and were very persuasive in a way that bordered on a guilt trip. Being Catholic, I caved and went over with a camera after reaching a stopping point in my work. I’ll post some photos tomorrow, but I’m not promising anything that could qualify as great artwork.

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One Response to Candles for Michael Jackson and Iran

  1. Assistant Assistant Editor says:

    You are soft. And a fine gentleman for taking the pictures