Good news for Stuart, or is it?

The good news: The Associated Press is reporting that the Minnesota Surpreme Court has ruled on who should be declared a winner in its still-in-progress Senate race. That winner is Al Franken, but to be truthful I don’t really care as long as the blasted race ends.

The bad news: The AP is also reporting: "[Sen. Norm] Coleman hasn’t ruled out seeking federal court intervention."

Awww, fiddlesticks. I guess it’s a time for a song:


It’s the election that will not end!

This poll just goes on and on, my friend!

Some people started voting, not knowing what it was,

And they’ll go on complaining for forever just because,

This is the election that will not end …


You can read the story here on The Sun’s Web site.

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports that Coleman has conceded. Read all about it.

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