Ordered me a gun

I put in an order with a local gun dealer for a Ruger Mk III Hunter pistol, a semiautomatic that fires .22 Long Rifle rounds. I’ve long wanted to become proficient with a handgun and with ammo prices being what they are this makes it possible for me.

But, thanks to the panic happening among many gun owners who’ve lost their minds over who’s occupying the White House, the gun is on backorder. The dealer told me it will probably take three to four months. It’s quite a waiting period.

Ah well. The range I use is closed for now anyway.

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4 Responses to Ordered me a gun

  1. sg says:

    The Ruger is a good handgun, I don’t have one of my own but shot and tested one owned by my brother in March of 2009.

    Now, to this.

    “thanks to the panic happening among many gun owners who’ve lost their minds over who’s occupying the White House”

    It’s not a panic, brother. It is a realization that you and yours elected a socialist to be president of the United States of America. He then in kind chose a very anti-gun Attorney General, Mr. Holder. The annoyance you have should sit with yourself, and others like you who voted for said president who does not respect the White House, the nation of the US nor the Constitution on which she was founded. Apologize away, in foreign lands, how shameful and wrong and historically inaccurate were his comments. And I do think, indeed, it is you – who have lost your minds.
    God bless the US and our veterans and soldiers!

  2. Logan C. Adams says:

    I seriously doubt that. They might not like guns, but they have way too many problems right now to try any sort of new gun laws. Obama knows he has limited political capital and that he’d only be wasting it with some BS gun campaign.

    We are keeping our guns. I would tell Obama he can have my gun when he pries it from my cold, dead fingers, but my gun won’t be in those fingers for another three months.

    Also, for a bit more reassurance, consider the DC v. Heller court ruling.

  3. Logan C. Adams says:

    Then again, the lunatic who murdered the guard at the Holocaust Museum today just gave the administration the perfect opportunity to start a new gun contral campaign. Crap.

  4. sg says:

    Heller -vs- The District of Columbia was decided in a 5-4 decision. Ah, check those SCOTUS Justices who voted to uphold the 2nd! Check those who did not. That is not reassuring.
    Yes, the shootings today at the Holocaust Museum may very well give BHO a reason to push for gun control, and he’ll back it. If it suits him, and it does. Like he publically condemned the killer of abortionist Tiller in Kansas, meanwhile he said absolutely nothing about the killing of Private Long from Arkansas, killed at the hands of a jihadist. Then, went on to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East to continue to apologize for America and her failures. Conveniently, he skipped over Israel. Ha. Israel’s citizenry is armed, their system is democratic. And, in my opinion, they have the strongest and best leader in the world today in Netanyahu.