High water all over

This rain is water we don’t need. I was driving to work today when I had to cross the intersection of 10th Street and Fourth Avenue Southeast. The water was a good 4-6 inches high.

I wouldn’t have gone through if I hadn’t seen a Volkwagen Beetle go through it first and make it. Even so, I was afraid the whole time some water might make it into the intake, which would have been very bad.

You should have seen the spray coming out of my wheelwells.

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2 Responses to High water all over

  1. Paula says:

    Seems to me they said on the radio they were upset by all the people who drove through the water. Some flood workers had to leave because they were so soaked by people driving by!

  2. Logan C. Adams says:

    There weren’t any workers near the intersection when I went through. Just a lot of water.

    But the street was cleared later in the day, so I have to give them credit for that.