Puppies, part 2

It turns out my family will not be adopting one of those cute puppies I wrote about earlier this week.

Instead, they’re adopting both of them.

The shelter’s managers said the two little darlings were really attached to each other and asked my family to consider adopting them both. And my family said "OK."

Details are still in the works about how and when the adoption and trip their new home in Kansas will actually take place, but however it goes down, my family’s home is going to become a quantum singularity of cute in the near future.

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2 Responses to Puppies, part 2

  1. Kari Lucin says:


  2. honeybee says:

    Those puppies are just too cute! And now you have to come up with 2 names! Since you were talking about places, would you consider township names? I’m assuming they’re girls from their shelter names, so Homer is out. But what about Bloom? Bloom twp is just north of the shelter. I also like Dakota. Cass would be a sweet name too. Whatever your family names them, I’m glad they have a new loving home!