Sandbag notes

  • I noticed on my drive to work earlier this afternoon that the viaduct on Fourth Avenue Northeast and parts of surrounding streets were closed. It appeared the closure was to allow the trucks going to the Civic Center some room to maneuver.

    I saw later on that the street appeared to have been opened, but it’s probably a good idea to avoid streets near the Civic Center for the time being so that the people working there have less traffic to deal with. I mean, they are trying to save our city.

  • I noticed a few sandbags sitting in the streets here and there downtown, likely after falling off sandbag trucks. There were a pair around the block that someone had pulled out of the street and set up out of the way so no one would run over them.

  • Sun Chief Photographer John M. Steiner was out at Jamestown Reservoir this morning to get a picture of the Marina being trucked out of harm’s way. He said the water (with ice still on top) was within a foot of the bottom of the bridge between the island and shore. Two weeks ago, that bridge had more than 6 feet of clearance beneath it.

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