A lousy way to start the day

The water heater in my building is on the fritz and won’t be replaced until tomorrow at the soonest. I haven’t had hot water in my place for more than two days now. This means no hot showers (I had to do that at the gym last night), no hot loads of laundry and no hot dishwater.

I’ve survived worse problems. I’ll get through this. I just hope I don’t smell bad.

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One Response to A lousy way to start the day

  1. honeybee says:

    You’ll be happy to note, then, that you don’t actually *need* hot water to do laundry (jury still out on the dishwasher, altho I know heat dry is optional). From Consumer Reports’ Greenerchoices.org (20 Free Ways to Save Energy):

    1. Wash clothes in cold water. You might guess that most of the energy used by a washing machine goes into vigorously swishing the clothes around. In fact, about 90 percent of it is spent elsewhere, heating the water for the load. You can save substantially by washing and rinsing at cooler temperatures. Warm water helps the suds to get at the dirt, but cold-water detergents will work effectively for just about everything in the hamper.

    They also note that Tide Coldwater is similar cost to regular Tide in another article, so don’t worry about money “going down the drain” there.