In case you were hopng to go to Fargo

I just posted this to the Sun’s Web site but I’m posting it here too:

The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol have closed the eastbound lanes of Interstate 94. The closure is to prepare for a voluntary evacuation of the Fargo area and to help with the transfer of flood-fighting resources.

That is, they will likely be using all four lanes of I-94 to evacuate Fargo and send the people in our general direction. I wonder if they know that we’re expecting some less severe, but noteworthy, flooding issues all our own.

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2 Responses to In case you were hopng to go to Fargo

  1. Chief Sleepy Eye says:

    My prayers are with all of the people affected by the flooding. God be with you all.

  2. Cameron says:

    Hey! Just a heads up, my mom mentioned you may be interested in this its the flood level in Jamestown updated on the hour.

    Hope its helpful!